Hi yall, my name is Madison, though some call me Madi. I’m 24 years old, born and raised in Texas. After a family vacation to Breckenridge in Sept. of ‘16, I knew I needed to be in the mountains permanently. In less than a year, I packed up my two fur babies and hit the road. In Texas I worked countless hours as a real estate agent, never putting much thought into what yoga could do for me. Shortly after moving to Colorado, I decided to try a yoga class just to see, and I knew right then I wanted to pursue it as a lifestyle. Upon moving here, I also started hiking 14ers, which yoga has attributed to heavily..both in my practice building my strength and increasing my lung capacity with breathing exercises. I’ve bagged 12 summits in just a year! But yoga has changed much more than just the physical balance, but the mental balance as well. I no longer live to work, rather working to live. My hope is to introduce everyone to these experiences. So whether you’re looking to deepen your physical practice, or explore the spiritual side a bit more, I welcome you all to join me in our next session